It is a relatively peaceful world where nature has reclaimed the land and is rebuilding itself along with the help of its intelligent inhabitants.

This city is speculated to be the birthplace of the faunids that we know today. Herne was said to have stepped forth from the massive conjoined trees in the middle of the lake. Metal manipulation, fur handling, farming, and other societal necessities were started here and many were perfected here.

The majority of the Wood's landscape is relatively uninviting; dark, thick forest, freezing rapids, and aggressive inhabitants are a sliver of the untamed wilderness that it has to offer. Abandoned cabins are interspersed between the scarce collections of faunids that populate the area.

Fenris is the dictator and proclaimed god of the ashen ruins that border Hernlak. Past buildings rot in their place as leafless trees grow around them, creating a seamless transition between the previous owner and the new decrepit parasite that will slowly destroy it.

Lavandul has perfected the art of growing crops and specializes in herbs. Due to the heavy dependence on agriculture, the faunids of Lavandul have a higher than average companion rate. They are a very traditional town with little desire for complex weaving and intricate metalworking.

It takes a brave faunid to admit that their town is far from perfect. Many- if not most, would be keen to say as such about Veritam. While it is not the cleanest, nor the most wealthy in agriculture, lacks responsible leadership, and is the alcohol epicenter of the landmass, it... has personality.

As cold and hardy as their environment, the villagers in Vinnde are incredibly strong and well-built. Inhabitants are mainly consisting of caribou, moose, and elk. Most faunids believe that Vinnde exists purely out of sheer determination.

This secluded island is very developed. Outsiders are not positively looked upon and are actively dissuaded from entering the city. Civilians are extremely protective of their secrets that litter every nook and cranny. Ornate jewelry and accessories like lace and silks are the highest exports.

Salmon Coast is rooted in its natural resources and takes great pride in their cultural niche. Focusing on shipment of goods and self-sufficiency, its a common getaway spot for stressed outsiders. Faunids who live here are very welcoming to strangers of all shapes and sizes and tooth shape.

Marveled as the origin of the Merfaun, the Antler Islands are a mystery to most inland faunids. This collection of small islands is riddled with waterways and sand embankments perfect for Aquafaunidae to rest and thrive on.

Bitter winds and frostbite curse the aptly named Cold North. With only inedible evergreens and frozen carcasses to keep you company, it's a lonely and well avoided location. Mainly unexplored, the secrets of this forgotten land are locked behind permafrost.

It is one of the most prolific towns in its region due to the inhabitants constantly improving the quality of life of the environment. During the summer, the gorgeous colors of native grasses and foods can be seen across the waters. It is a sight to behold from afar and even more up close.

Bordering on very deadly to extremely deadly, this is not a forest to be trifled with. Venomous animals and deadly adversaries are only a few of the encounters one may meet within the rainforest. Locals suggest that Herne's negative energy is concentrated within this biome and affects the wildlife.

Considered the "Corrupt Capital", the threat for civilians is rather minimal. Only those who wander too far from home are usually targeted if at all. Corrupted faunids have found more reliable food sources from fishing, possibly the first population to practice the act of netting.

...Strange faunids live here.......

...Strange Faunids live here...

The largest collective area of grasslands is equally as impressive as its unappealing appearance. Extreme winds have created this prairie. A majority of the faunids that occupy the plains are researchers and travelers. Those who do stay are welcoming and incredible storytellers.

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