Springtide Guide

Created: 10 April 2024, 16:55:26 UTC
Last updated: 10 April 2024, 17:02:16 UTC

Springtide Celebration


You made it just in time, traveler!

Lavandul is known for our agricultural exports, our biggest specialty being lupine flowers and other fragrants. 

However, we're also known for our unique wildlife who love to eat our crops.

Convenient isn't it?

Of course, we don't want to harm these creatures... but their population still needs to be monitored.

We were hoping that you could go and catch some of these lapines and chimebirds and bring them back here to be

adopted out to potential adopters! They're very popular as companions recently.

The weirdest coincidence has been happening as of late with these adopters though.

I've noticed that when a creature is brought in, an adopter with remarkable similarities comes in soon after.




Lapine semi-custom creation will be introduced in 2024(maybe). 


All faunids from this event will be recolored on a selection of bases.


You cannot return your faunid once purchased or created.


Submit a form to apply to adopt!

Adoption raffles last 48 hours with no exception.

A new adopt will be posted every day!

If you cannot pay for your faunid after submitting an entry, you are banned from further participation.

Due to the simple bases, markings may be further detailed and expanded upon with approval.

This event ends on the 31st of May.

You can only win a faunid once every other day.

You cannot enter in lieu of/for someone else.




Raffle ENTRY Fee: Free

     It doesn't cost a thing to try your luck!

Raffle Adoption Fee (standard): $60 

     If you win, you must pay the adoption price to receive the faunid image.

Raffle Adoption Fee (First Time Owner): $40 

     If you win, you must pay the adoption price to receive the faunid image.


Lapine Semi-Custom: N/A

     This feature will be introduced in 2024!



Available Adoptions



companion creation

Not interested in getting a few faunid, but you want a new companion?

You can submit a form here to get a chimebird or lapine!

Non-custom companions will not have any line edits. Custom companions will have fully unique lines.

You are able to ask for changes/adjustments to the final design via DM!

Lapines and chimebird anatomy is restricted, refer to irl animals similar in build/species.

Initial response is delayed 12-24hrs as your form is shared with all artists viable to claim. 

      If you have a preference, you can comment it, but it is in no way guaranteed.

Basic Companion: $15

     This design will be created on the species' respective bases.

Custom Companion: $40

     This design will be drawn to order! 

Basic Companion Form

Custom Companion Form