Fawning FAQ

Created: 12 January 2024, 19:44:44 UTC
Last updated: 16 February 2024, 16:03:56 UTC


  • In order to participate in this event, you must link two faunids to "find" a fawn.
  • You do not need to own either Faunid submitted in your form, however you must have permission from the owner(s) of the Faunid(s) you are employing. 
  • Helpers do not need to be on the public list to be used, however you must have permission from the owner(s) of the Faunid(s) you are employing.
  • Only one form per person is permitted to be posted per 24hrs. 
    A user may only have a maximum of three forms per year.
  • While you can pay for another user's Fawn, the user posting the form must be the one keeping the Fawn.
  • All Faunids from this event will be colored on a customized base per Fawn. 
  • If you aren't satisfied with your Fawn, you can return it to be resold to the public and get a new one for free.
  • All Fawnid edits are generated by RNG, and will have a base chance to be mutated! 
    Mutation (1/10).
    Merfaun x Standard (50% hybrid/50% merfaun).
    Traits (50/50).
    Antler & Body Species (50/50). 
  • Fawn price does not include aging up into a Faunid. 


  • 1st Fawn of the Season: $50
  • 2nd Fawn of the Season:  $60
  • 3rd Fawn of the Season: $80
    Base price of Fawnid. Includes all rolled edits, mutation, species, etc.

Helper Fee: Varies
     Helper fees are up to owner discretion and not tied to base adoption fees.

Reroll: $30
      If you are dissatisfied with your delivered fawn, you can return it for a new one once.

Additional Items
(Submit a form to purchase and receive your item(s))

Trait Security: $10
      Guarantees a helper trait WILL pass onto a fawn. One trait per security. Two securities per fawn.

Trait Denial: $5
     Guarantees a helper trait will NOT pass onto a fawn. One trait per denial.

Fenris' Curse: $15
       Raises the chance for a single mutation from 1/10 to 1/5. One purchase per fawn.

Herne's Blessing: $10
       A single random trait is selected and given to a fawn. Three blessings per fawn max.

​Herne's Grace: $10 
      The colors of your fawn may be randomly adjusted/customized beyond the helper's existing palette. Can now be used with Herne's Blessing.

Wild Child: $15
      The fawn is guaranteed to be quadruped regardless of helpers.

Handy Dandy: $10
     The fawn is guaranteed to be bipedal regardless of helpers.